Biopesticides Market Report

Biopesticides Market Report, By Product (Bioinsecticides, Biofungicides, Bionematicides), Ingredient (Microbial Pesticides, Biochemical Pesticides, Plant Pesticides), Mode of Application (Foliar Spray, Soil Treatment, Seed Treatment), Formulation (Liquid, Dry), Application (Crop-based, Non-crop based) and Geography - Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 10027 | Publish Date : Feb, 2020 | Industry : Agriculture | Geography : Global

Biopesticides are pesticides which are derived from renewable materials such as plants, animals, bacteria and some minerals. These are used to control the effect of weeds, pests and insects on field crops. 

Biopesticides are highly operative in the agricultural pest control without severe harm to ecological chain or exacerbating environmental pollution. The research and development of practical applications in the field of biopesticides significantly mitigate environmental pollution caused by chemical pesticide residues and contributes to sustainable development of agriculture. 

Since the emergence of biopesticides, a large number of products were launched, several of which have already played dominant roles in the market. On the other hand, pesticides damage the agricultural land firstly by damaging beneficial insect species, soil microorganisms and worms which unsurprisingly limit pest populations and uphold soil health, secondly by weakening plant root systems and immune systems and finally reducing concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

Market Dynamics- Global Biopesticides Market

The global biopesticides market is projected to grow substantially over the forecast period. Growing environmental concerns over the use of synthetic (chemical-based) pesticides in conjunction with government support in many states have been serving as the major factors boosting the demand for biopesticides.


Biopesticides Market Segmental Overview

The report analyses global biopesticides market based on product, ingredient, mode of application, formulation, application and geography. 

Biopesticides Market by Product

The various biopesticides products include bioinsecticides, bio fungicide, and bionematicides and among others. Bioinsecticides accounted for the largest revenue share of the overall biopesticides market by type segment. Bioinsecticides use microorganisms or biological agents to control insects that hamper crop productivity. The demand for bioinsecticides is driven by the EPA’s regulations on synthetic insecticides and also because of the stringent restrictions imposed by the EU on the use of certain synthetic insecticides such as imidacloprid and clothianidin. Other factors include well-initiated and operated IPM and ICM programs.

Biopesticides Market by Ingredient

Biopesticides represent a variety of bio-based substance involved in fighting invertebrate pests with various mechanism of action. Based on the ingredients used for the preparation of the biopesticides they are classified into three main classes (i) Biochemical Pesticide: which are naturally-occurring biochemicals that act through non-toxic mechanisms; (ii) Microbial Pesticide such as microbial entomopathogens; and (iii) Plant Pesticide which are plant-incorporated protectants deriving from genetically engineered plants. Biopesticides are alternatives to traditional pesticides aimed at overcoming the accumulation of toxins in the soil.

Biopesticides Market by Mode of Application

The global biopesticides market by mode of application is classified into foliar spray, seed treatment, soil treatment and post-harvest. Among various mode of applications, the foliar spray led the market. Foliar spray is largely used by farmers because of its high efficiency and ease of application. The growing adoption of foliar spray products in various applications, such as horticultural crops, field crops, and turfs & ornamentals etc., is likely to boost the growth of the foliar spray market. The fact that foliar spray process ensures efficient distribution of nutrients in plants and also helps to absorb the fertilizer completely without leaving any residue encourages the rapid adoption of the foliar spray application method among farmers. 

Biopesticides Market by Formulation

By formulation, the study is classified into liquid formulation and dry formulation. Owing to the difference in climatic conditions, biopesticides are likely to be formulated in different forms including liquid and dry biopesticides, each designed for a specific market. Formulation is one of the key factors in responsible for the commercial success of a biopesticide product. There are significant costs involved in solving the biological issues of biopesticide formulations (including storage and field stability as well as efficacy consistency), but the benefits in terms of market access and the acceptance of biopesticides as viable commercial alternatives or supplements to conventional plant protection products warrant this effort.

Biopesticides Market by Application

Biopesticides are majorly used in the application of controlling the effect of weeds, pests and insects on field crops and non-crops.  Growing environmental concerns regarding the use of synthetic (chemical-based) pesticides coupled with government support in many countries have been acting as major factors fuelling the demand for biopesticides.  The crop-based types incudes cereals & grains such as corn, wheat, rice etc. Oilseeds & pulses include soybean, sunflower, beans etc., and fruits & vegetables such ad leafy vegetables, root & tuber vegetables, pome fruits, berries etc. The non-crop usage of biopesticides is turf and ornamental grasses and plantation crops. 

Biopesticides Market by Geography

Geographically, this market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. In order to fulfil the food demand of population, higher and advance productive agricultural materials are required. Over the last several decades, there have been remarkable efforts to improve agricultural yields through the extensive application of chemicals that have long-lasting and profound effects on the environment and human being. Therefore, to feed the world population without the damaging environment, the use of biopesticides is increasing significantly across the globe. This is the main reason that the number of major multinationals has jumped into the biopesticides market in recent years.

Moreover, the growing demand of organic food is one of the major factors attributed to the growth of the market.  As indicated by Research Institute of Organic Culture, in 2015, 50.9 Mn hectares of agricultural land was used for organic farming. The rising practice of organic farming is expected to fuel the demand for biopesticides. 

Global Biopesticides Market-Key Players

The major players involved in this market are Bayer Cropscience, BASF, Novozymes, Isagro S.P.A., Certis USA LLC, Marrone Bio Innovations, Camson Bio Technologies Limited, Andermatt Biocontol AG and among others.

The report analyses global biopesticides market based on product, ingredient, mode of application, formulation, application and geography. The various biopesticides products include bioinsecticides, bio fungicide, and bionematicides and among others. Based on ingredients, the study is categorised into microbial, biochemical and plant pesticides. Folair spray, seed treatment, soil treatment and post-harvest are the various modes of application of for the biopesticides. These biopesticides are commercially available in liquid and dry form and can be applied to crop-based as well as non- crop based. 

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