Egg Protein Market Report

Egg Protein Market Report, By Type (Egg White Protein, Whole Egg Protein, Egg Yolk Protein), Application (Food & Beverages, Nutrition, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Feed), Form (Solid, Liquid) and Geography- Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

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An egg is an essential food item, provide proteins, micronutrients and fats to the human body. Egg is comprised of around 6 gm of protein and some other elements such as folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamins A, E, K etc. Egg white is the main source of protein around 4 gm whereas the egg yolk contains 2.7 gm of protein. Egg offers proteins like the ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, ovomucoid, ovomucin, lysozyme, etc. Egg protein is incinerated for muscle building and muscle restoring purposes. Egg protein is lactose-free and can be ingested by lactose intolerant individuals. The intake of egg protein also helps to weight loss. 

Market Dynamics- Global Egg Protein Market

Due to the rise in the perception about health, customers are changing their effort toward strong and healthy diets and have been boosting their protein consumption to get additional nutrition from these protein supplements, which stimulates the market growth for protein supplements. Egg white protein powders are one of the world's most popular and commonly accepted protein supplements among consumers, which is anticipated to drive the market for egg proteins in the near future. Moreover, egg ingredient companies have been involved in the R&D activities to improve the roles and performance of egg protein ingredients. This is projected to provide profitable growth possibilities for manufacturers in the market. Egg protein elements are extensively used in food preparation such as bakery, confectionery, and snacks.


Egg Protein Market Segmental Overview

The study analyses Global Egg Protein market based on type, application, form and geography.

Egg Protein Market by Type

Egg white protein, whole egg protein and egg yolk protein are the types of egg protein commercially available. Egg white protein powder has established to be one of the very preferred choice of protein among the consumers, owing to surge in requirement for nutrition products along with with growing need for protein-rich foods. The growth of health & wellness drift is additionally strengthening the scenarios of egg white powder, principally for the fact that this comprehensive protein is diet-friendly, lactose-free, and assists in repairing of muscles. Major player in the market are contending on the back of the clean label profile of egg white powder to increase in terms of revenues.

Furthermore, with the rising demand for egg yolk protein powder from the customers wanting to gain weight, the market for egg yolk powder is possibly to grow at a fastest rate during the forecast period. 

Egg Protein Market by Application

The market finds application in food & beverages, nutrition, personal care & cosmetics, feed and others. Egg proteins are important because of their essential amino acid content, which is effortlessly fit to human requirements, predominantly owing to the existence of a large quantity of lysine and sulphur-containing amino acids. Egg proteins are used in the preparation of cakes, meringues, souffles, custards, etc. The advantageous functional characteristics of egg proteins are due to their denaturation and thickening at precise temperatures and the foundation of a stable matrix upon coagulation. 

Egg yolk is a significant food ingredient used in the preparation of majority of food products. Liquid yolk is frozen for prolonged storage of up to 1 year to prevent microbial growth and spoilage, retention of egg yolk flavor and color, and inhibition of chemical reactions, such as autoxidation of lipids and the browning reaction.

Egg Protein Market by Form

Egg protein is commercially available in the market in powdered and liquid form. Egg protein powder market is expected to observe substantial progress owing to growing awareness among customers toward nutritional food, demand for performance beverages and nutrition, and promising increase in sports activities. It is extensively used for weight management and muscle building. The growing response by food & beverage industry for approval of egg protein powder as a major ingredient in their food products is assisting as a key driver of egg protein powder market coupled with the rising disposable incoming in developing countries.

Egg Protein Market by Geography

Geographically, the study is comprised of the key countries of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. The market in North America has the largest market share in terms of revenue, because of the high intake of additional protein content among individuals in the region. The market in Asia Pacific is likely to witness a substantial growth especially in China and India, due to increasing manufacturers of processed food industry. The market in Middle East and Africa is probable to observe boost in terms of revenue over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand for protein supplements in the region.

Effect of COVID-19 On Global Egg Protein Market 

Poultry prices have dropped abruptly in recent weeks with limitations placed on moving birds and factories closing for prolonged periods, commendably paralyzing the supply chain. Transport disruption and labor absences have also led to thousands of containers of frozen chicken, pork and beef piling up at some of China’s major ports.

Meanwhile, in India the sale of poultry products and eggs has declined in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak. Wholesalers have reported a fall of 50% for poultry products, while retailers have seen sales plunge by between 25-30%. Similarly, the sale and prices of eggs has also seen a significant decline, with wholesalers citing misinformation being circulated on social media platforms as one of the reasons. The outbreak has also led some countries to ban the import of poultry products. Afghanistan has banned products crossing its borders from both Iran and Pakistan, amid escalating fears of the spread of Coronavirus.

Global Egg Protein Market-Key Players

Cargill Inc., Kewpie Corp., Rose Acre Farms, Rembrandt Enterprises, Bouwhuis Enthoven, Wulro BV, IGRECA, Sanovo Technology Group, Interevo Egg Group BV, Dalian Hanovo Foods Co. Ltd. among others are the major players active in the egg protein market.

The study analyses global Egg Protein market based on cultivation, components, equipment, application and geography. By cultivation the market is segmented into fish, fruits & vegetables and others. Two major parts complete Egg Protein, the aquaculture part for raising aquatic animals and the hydroponics part for growing plants. Similarly, the global Egg Protein market by equipment is classified into pumps & valves, grow lights, water heaters, water quality testing, fish purge systems and others. The market finds application in commercial, home food production and others. Geographically, the study is comprised of the key countries of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World.

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