Economic Impact Analysis of COVID19 on Global Clinical Nutrition Market Report

Economic Impact Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Clinical Nutrition Market Report - Global Market Share, Trend, Economic Indicator Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 10111 | Publish Date : Sep 2020 | Industry : Healthcare | Geography : Global

Clinical nutrition is the group of medical food products to be utilized under the healthcare professional supervision for the nutrition management of a medical condition or disorder. Clinical nutrition aids in providing a distinct nutrition requirement and offer adequate amount of the required nutrient to the specific patient group. The market has been exhibiting considerable growth figures led by range of demographic trends, including ageing populations, growth in products for premature babies, rapid elevating demand, growth in products treating malnutrition and escalating incidence of lifestyle associated disease

Clinical Nutrition Market COVID-19 Impact

The global economic growth was weak but stabilizing until the coronavirus Covid-19 hit. Restrictions on movement of people, goods and services, and containment measures such as factory closures across the world have cut manufacturing and domestic demand sharply. The impact on all over the world through business travel and tourism, supply chains, commodities and lower confidence is growing. Companies, whether buyers or suppliers, are facing tremendous challenges in keeping the goods and services flow at a time of global lockdowns. Several health food have seen increase in demand including enteral nutrition amid the virus outbreak. According to recent ESPEN guidelines, enteral nutrition is preferred for patients in the ICU who receive mechanical ventilation. Nutrition is part of the treatment regimen for chronic diseases and applies particularly to ailments for which an etiologic treatment has not yet been discovered and validated. The exclusive COVID-19 Impact Analysis report by Axiom MRC explores the outbreak of COVID-19, its impact on the global and regional economies, and its implications on the clinical nutrition market. The report studies the effect of the pandemic on the global economy by evaluating factors like consumption, GDP, business investment, key players marketing strategies, key supply and demand-side factors, epidemiological swing factors, inventory, and governmental policies & decisions.  

Clinical Nutrition Market Segmental Highlights

The global clinical nutrition industry is analysed based on Route of Administration, End User, Application and Geography. Clinical nutrition is administrated via different modes including oral and Enteral & parenteral, depending on the condition of the disorder and requirement. Based on end user, the market is classified into paediatric & adult. The clinical nutrition market finds application in gerontology, oncology, critical care, neurology, diabetes and other disorders.  Malnutrition, metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, neurological diseases, diabetes and other disease. The global clinical nutrition market is studied across various key countries of regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.

Clinical Nutrition Market Key Players

The key competitors of this market include Abbott Nutrition, B. Braun Melsungen, Baxter International, Claris Lifesciences, Claris Otsuka Private, Fresenius Kabi, Groupe Danone, Huarui Pharmaceutical, ICU Medical, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Meiji, Nestlé Health Science, Nutricia North America and Otsuka Pharmaceutical among other. Several manufacturers in the marketplace are offering variety of types and flavors for clinical nutrition, which will boost the growth of the clinical nutrition market in the coming years. Major companies in the medical nutrition market are following different strategies such as innovation, acquisition, market collaboration, research and developments, in order to maintain a stable growth rate and increase profitability in the forecoming years.

Economic Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on Global Clinical Nutrition Market Report Key Highlights:

  • To Estimate and Forecast Global Clinical Nutrition Market Considering Economic Impact of COVID19 Pandemic 
  • To Study Economic Impact of CVOID 19 Pandemic on global clinical nutrition market Value Chain 
  • Economic Impact on Raw Material/ Components Suppliers (Supply Side Analysis)
  • Economic Impact on End users/ Consumer (Demand Side Analysis)
  • Economic Indicators Analysis by Countries and Impact on clinical nutrition Market of respective Countries for GDP, Healthcare Expenditure, Regulatory Framework and Government Policies
  • Competitive Landscape including Key Strategies Opted by Companies, Company Profiles etc. 

The repercussion of the COVID-19 necessitates a speculative future for economies and industries. Amongst continuous and constant developments, Axiom team of experts will bring to you timely updates about the Global Economic Impact of COVID-19.

Why to buy this report:

  • The report offers changing market dynamics in the clinical nutrition market, presenting historical, current and projected market size in terms of value (USD Million)
  • The research study provides an in-depth analysis of the industry value chain focusing on the peer and parent markets of clinical nutrition
  • It presents a comprehensive assessment of geographical regions exhibiting promising growth, potential and niche segments, and a neutral perspective on the clinical nutrition market performance considering the COVID-19 pandemic