North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market Report

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market Report, By Component (UV Lamp, Controller Unit, Quartz Sleeve, Reactor Chamber And Others), Power-rating (<5 kW, 5 kW to 10 kW and >10 kW), Type (Fixed, Wall Mounted and Others), Sales channel (Online and Offline), End-use (Muncipal, Residential, Commercial, Industrial), Application (Water Disinfection, Wastewater Disinfection, Air Treatment, Surface Disinfection and Others) and Geography - North America Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 10249 | Publish Date : Dec 2020 | Industry : Technology | Geography : North America

The increasing prominence of infectious diseases is one of the significant factors influencing the demand for the product, such as UV (ultraviolet) lamps, which uses UV light to sterilize air, water, or surfaces in industrial, residential, and commercial areas. A minimum of 30 new diseases has appeared in the last 20 years and collectively pose a severe threat to the health of numerous individuals. 

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market Dynamics

The North America UV disinfection equipment market has been seeing ample growth from past decade. The growth of market is primarily driven by large scale adoption of UV disinfection technology and related equipment’s for applications in air, water and surface treatment. In addition, some of the major factors such as increased awareness regarding safety and hygiene, rising importance of UV disinfection equipment’s mainly in healthcare and food industry, vast presence of various global and domestic UV disinfection equipment manufacturing companies across the region. 

Growing awareness about UV water and air disinfection system during COVID-19 pandemic and growing advancements and innovations in ultraviolet radiation technology are further expected to improve growth of UV disinfection equipment market across NA region. 

COVID 19 Impact on UV Disinfection Equipment Market 

During COVID-19 pandemic, UV disinfection equipment’s are being deployed at a large scale in healthcare environments for disinfection purposes. Surge in covid19 has mostly increased the demand for UV-C surface disinfection and air treatment equipment’s for offices and hospitals. High demand for UV disinfection equipment due to COVID-19, and growing threats of infectious diseases is further likely to drive market growth. According to Fresh Air UV, a leading manufacturer of UV disinfection equipment, the demand for UV disinfection equipment has been surged by 1,000.0% during the COVID-19 pandemic due to growing demand from residential and commercial end-use industries. 

Augmented incidence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) paired with introduction of autonomous models is expected to affect the market positively.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market Segmental Overview

The report analyses the UV Disinfection Equipment market based on component, power rating, type, sales channel, end-use, application and geography

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Component 

Controller unit component is the main market changer in controlling the system diagnostics. Controllers units are mandatory to effectively control the electrical output of UV device and increasing adoption of UV systems in hospitals is expected to significantly drive the demand of the product.

After controller unit, UV lamps contributed to the maximum market share in 2019 and are projected to grow at a rate of 16.26% in the forecast period. These lamps produce UV-C, the wavelength of ultraviolet light effective in killing germs. Nevertheless, different kinds of lamps perform this function in various ways, depending on the usage and disinfection requirements. All UV lamps, irrespective of output, contain mercury, and at the time of operation of the lamp, the mercury is entirely contained within the lamp structure. Mercury is an essential part of the UV lamp, letting it produce the germ-killing UV-C light wavelength. As per overall analysis UV lamps are following footprints of controller unit to become a market changer. 

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Power Rating

The global UV disinfection equipment market is segmented into <5kW, 5kW to 10kW and >10Kw. >10kW power rating dominated the market in 2020. Equipment’s with high power ratings are widely used in municipal and industrial waste water treatment. The environmental concerns & regulatory guidelines regarding effluent quantity released in water through different industries along with depleting natural water reserves has caused natural water sources unsafe for domestic use, thereby promoting market growth.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Type 

By type the UV disinfection market is segmented into three types i.e. wall mounted, fixed and other systems. The fixed sytem held the largest share of the market followed by wall mounted type. Fixed uv disinfection systems are widely used in water and wastewater treatment plants across the municipal corporations in various countries. They are expensive and comes with high operating cost and power rating. Different wall mounted uv systems like water purifiers, bio uv water purifiers, air purifiers are available in the market. Moreover, various other systems like UV cabinets and handheld devices are used in dental, household, PPE disinfection and other applications.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Sales Channel 

The UV disinfection equipment market is majorly commercialized through online sales and offline sales. In the last few years, there has been incredible advancement in the area of online shopping. Online shopping makes it comfortable for people to choose a specific product amongst a vast range of products. The UV disinfection equipment’s are presently accessible with online retailers, with many of them aiming for expanding their product portfolio, thus creating it a formidable task at times for a buyer to categorize through all the opportunities and choose on the most fitting product. The market demand is expected to be high during the short-term and more for online multichannel platforms as vendors are expected to increase their online presence through e-commerce platforms (own or third party). Although online shopping is booming, the sale of home UV disinfection equipment via offline modes has remained higher than online sales as consumers prefer offline channels due to the lack of awareness about the types of equipment and logistical challenges.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by End-Use 

By end use the market is segmented into municipal, residential commercial and industrial segments. UV disinfection equipment’s are largely used in municipal water treatment applications owing to its safe, chemical free and environment friendly nature. Capital cost and operating cost of these systems are low and they are easily maintainable. Moreover, contact time required is less than 10 seconds and no toxic by-products are formed during the UV disinfection process. UV is also an effective disinfectant for cryptosporidium and giardia protozoa’s which are chlorine resistant. It proves to be an advantageous alternative to the traditional water disinfection processes including chlorination and ozonation. Large number of municipalities have shifted from chemical based disinfection processes to UV due to the significant safety advantages they offer for people and their communities. Initial cost savings and long term advantages of UV further drives its demand for use in wastewater treatment plants.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Application

Water disinfection application contributes largest market share.Moreover, increase in demand for clean and safe drinking water, owing to rise in population and declining freshwater resources is expected to have a positive impact on UV disinfection equipment market. In addition, due to large scale crop production, a pathogen outbreak can have a detrimental impact on harvest volumes and crop quality leading to loss in profits. Therefore, UV disinfection equipment is used to treat irrigation water to make it free from plant pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and nematodes. This factor is anticipated to increase the demand for UV disinfection equipment for water treatment.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market by Geography 

The North America market is studied for the key countries such as, U.S. Canada, Mexico. Both the United States and Canada are dominating the market in NA region. The demand for UV disinfection equipment and technology in the United States is primarily driven by wide scale adoption of UV lamps for applications such as disinfection for bacteria and viruses, infection control and hygiene, rising significance of UV disinfection equipment’s in many commercial, residential and industrial applications and surge in the adoption of various disinfection technology in healthcare industry such as in hospitals.

North America UV Disinfection Equipment Market Key Players

Some of the vital players operating in this market include Xylem Inc (New York), Trojan Technologies (Canada), Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (United States), Evoqua Water Technologies LLC (United States), Advanced UV Inc (United States), American Ultraviolet (United States), UV Pure (Canada).

The report analyses the UV Disinfection Equipment market based on component, power rating, type, sales channel, end-use, application and geography. Components include UV lamp, controller unit, quartz sleeve, reactor chamber and others. Power-rating of UV disinfection equipment market include <5 kW, 5 kW to 10 kW and >10 kW power ratings. By type it is divided into three types that are fixed, wall mounted and others. According to sales channel it is classified into two online and offline. By end-use it includes municipal, residential, commercial and Industrial sectors. Based on application the market is segmented into water disinfection, wastewater disinfection, air treatment, surface disinfection and others. 

Some of the major players operating in the market include Xylem Inc, Trojan Technologies, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, Advanced UV Inc, American Ultraviolet, and UV Pure.

Geographically, the UV Disinfection Equipment market is studied across the countries such as, U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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