Bare Metal Clouds Market Report

Bare Metal Cloud Market Report, Service Type (Compute, Storage, Networking, Security, Database, Professional and Managed), Organization Size (Large Enterprises and SMEs), Billing Option (Hourly, Monthly and Reserved), End-Users and Geography – Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 11432 | Publish Date : December 2021 | Industry : Technology | Geography : Global


A bare metal server is designed to run specific physical server without any interruptions for a longer period and is said to be highly stable & reliable. These servers are used by a single tenant unlike other cloud servers which are used by multiple tenants without the independence of having a dedicated server. The bare metal user has complete control over the physical machine with benefits of greater processing power. The dedicated server does not have hypervisor pre-installed and the users have the flexibility to choose their own operating systems and to make changes in the hardware and software according to the nature of workloads. 


The global Bare Metal Clouds market is driven by increased usage of bare metal cloud because of the move toward OpEx, as more on-premises services and technology migrate to the cloud, companies are shifting from CapEx to OpEx. CapEx (capital expenditure) items are large investments, such as purchasing a new server farm. CapEx model can provide up a plethora of internal opportunities. It frees up important resources that would otherwise be spent managing onsite infrastructure, makes future expenditure more predictable, and many more, which is enhancing the adoption of the bare metal cloud as well. 


The market is expected to have new opportunity as the bare metal cloud provides customization option, which provides consumers with a completely new set of experiences and increases the demand of bare metal cloud. Because it’s the user’s pick of operating system and configuration from the bottom up, bare metal allows the user with a great deal of customization. The user may even run their own environment by combining it with a hypervisor, which is majorly accountable for the growth of Bare Metal Cloud market. 


The major restraining factor of the market is the backdoor plantation by hackers, they may install firmware backdoors on these servers, which could then be used against the device's next client. To prevent from this, logs are to be deleted by the previous user. If not done, could gain insight into the actions and behaviour of the previous owner of the device, while knowing the BMC root password could enable an attacker to more easily gain control over the machine in the future, which hampers the growth of the market. 


The Covid-19 pandemic hampered the growth of market to major extent which has created a major challenges for the market growth. Also, there have been several other challenges hampering the growth of bare metal cloud, which include bare-metal cloud services can be limited. For example, when a physical server is virtualized, admins can provision a wide range of standardized VM types from the underlying hardware. But a bare-metal cloud instance is a complete server, so there is a limited number of instance sizes and types available, which is a major challenge for the market. 


The report provides in-depth analysis of global Bare Metal Clouds market, market size, and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the forecast period of 2022-2028, considering 2021 as the base year. The bare metal cloud provides direct control of the server and its resources, which increases its popularity and the market is expected to witness the growth at a CAGR at specific CAGR from 2022-2028.



The global Bare Metal Clouds market comprises of different market segment like service type, organization size, billing option, end user and geography. 


By service type, the Bare Metal Clouds includes key segment of 

  • Compute Services
  • Storage Services 
  • Networking Services 
  • Security Services 
  • Database Services 
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services

On the basis of service, compute services are expected to hold the maximum share in the market, since bare metal cloud services provide compute service that is intended to deliver users with the raw compute power in the form of instances. It allows users create a compute node instance as per the requirement and allocates convention storage volumes which can recollect data even after the instance is being dropped. Moreover, storage services also hold major share in the market, since, bare metal cloud services also offer a storage service called object storage which is intended to store large data sets. Object storage is a cost-effective and dependable internet-scale storage which can be retrieved over the internet.


The Bare Metal Clouds market on the basis of organization size includes 

  • Large Enterprises 
  • SMEs

Large enterprises holds the lion’s share in the market, since large enterprises includes large-scale corporate-controlled business or financial activities. Large Enterprises are defined as having more than 500 or 1000 employees and over USD 1 billion in annual revenue. Many large enterprises are there across the globe. The large enterprises segment is anticipated to witness higher market share, due to the production of large data volume on a regular basis. Moreover, large enterprises also demands automated datacenter operation and effective and efficient storage service for efficient operation.


The Bare Metal Clouds market on the basis of billing option includes 

  • Hourly Bare metal
  • Monthly Bare Metal 
  • Reserved Bare Metal

Bare Metal Clouds based on the billing option has been led by the reserved bate metal, since reserved bare metal gives benefits such as enhanced physical isolation which offers security and regulatory benefits, greater processing power, complete control of their software stack, more consistent disk and network I/O performance greater quality of service (QoS) by eliminating the noisy neighbor phenomenon, and creating a seamless experience when moving and scaling workloads.. Moreover, Monthly Bare Metal Billing option also hold an important share in the market, since it is mostly used in businesses that need a reliable infrastructure to handle constant workloads where resource capacity must be guaranteed. 


The Bare Metal Clouds market has end-users like 

  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom & IT 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Government
  • Retail 
  • Others

BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance) is one of the fastest growing sector where the segment is significantly driven by tech powered digitalization and growing consumer demand for cloud services. The bare metal cloud market is anticipated to witness increasing growth in the sector owing to increasing demand for secured cloud services to overcome their business challenges. Moreover, IT & Telecom sector, also holds an important position in the market. Since, the shift to cloud for many telecom companies has been made easy by the digital transformation and new workflows for business, which is driving the market for metal cloud.  


The global Bare Metal Clouds market is studied for the following region 

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the world (RoW)

North America is the dominating region for the bare metal cloud market, in this region, the United States of America as the largest contributor. With the rising prevalence of digitalization and emerging digital technologies such as AI, Big data, and so on, there is a significant demand for existing company operations to use cloud services. As interactions between the cloud and organizations become more common, a better organizational knowledge of cloud capabilities is emerging. As a result of this advancement, there is a greater need for cloud services, such as bare metal, all over the world. Other projected development drivers include the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) industry, the expansion of the fintech sector, and the proliferation of data centres in the area, helping the market to grow further.


The exclusive COVID-19 impact analysis report by Axiom MRC provides a 360 degree analysis of micro and macro-economic factors on the global Bare Metal Clouds market. In addition, complete analysis of changes on the global Bare Metal Clouds market expenditure, economic and international policies on supply and demand side. The report also studies the impact of pandemic on global economies, international trade, business investments, GDP and marketing strategies of key players present in the market. Due to COVID pandemic various industries got hampered and owing to the surge in covid19 cases and disruption in supply chains affected the construction and automotive sectors which further negatively impacted the chemical industry, due to which demand for bare metal cloud decreased in these industries. However, sectors like IT & Telecom and BFSI witnessed a rapid growth during the pandemic, and sudden increased data traffic and adoption of technology in the BFSI sector during the pandemic is likely to expand the market share for the bare metal cloud in the coming years. 


The competitive landscape analysis of Bare Metal Clouds market is majorly focused on expanding the global growth of Bare Metal Clouds with new product innovation, business expansion, increasing presence of range of manufacturer operating in Bare Metal Clouds has led the growing demand for the market.  Besides, the market offers range of products in different application to fulfil the required demand of consumer which is further contributing healthy growth in the market.  

The key players studied in market are 

  • IBM (US)
  • LUMEN (US)
  • Oracle (US) 
  • Internap (US) 
  • Rackspace (US) 
  • AWS (US)
  • Dell (US) 
  • Equinix (US) 
  • Google (US) 
  • Scaleway (Paris) 
  • OVHcloud (France) 
  • Limestone (US)
  • BigStep (UK)
  • Zenlayer (US)
  • Phoenixnap (US)
  • Alibaba Cloud (China)
  • Joyent (US), HPE (US)
  • Microsoft (US)
  • Lightedge (US)


April 2021: OVHcloud expanded its Bare Metal server offering with two new ranges machines. It primarily address the needs of organizations running critical workloads which require ready to use platform and are optimized to work with solutions from leading software publishers. The new range machine provides a very high capacity bandwidth, high availability, and high performance.  

March 2021: Equinix Metal announced the expansion of its bare metal service to 18 markets and debuted a new managed appliance as a service providing in partnership with Pure Storage and Dell Technologies.

October 2020: Equinix, Inc announced the availability of Equinix Metal, an interconnected and fully automated bare metal service. Equinix Metal offers digital businesses with an automated, "as-a-service" deployment method to build their foundational infrastructure and take benefit of the global reach, trusted partners and interconnected ecosystems available on Platform Equinix.


Global Bare Metal Cloud market is segmented based on Service Type, Organization Size, Billing Option, End User and Geography. By Service Type, the market is segmented into Compute Services, Storage Services, Networking Services, Security Services, Database Services, Professional Services and Managed Services. Based on Organization Size, the market is classified into Large Enterprises and SMEs. By Billing Option, the market is segmented into Hourly Bare metal, Monthly Bare Metal and Reserved Bare Metal. Based on End User, the market is classified into BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom & IT, Manufacturing, Government, Retail and Others. The Global Bare Metal Cloud Market is studied across various key countries of regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.


Market Sizing for Year:
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Market Segment studied:

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Market Players and its Competitors:



Oracle (US)

Internap (US)

Rackspace (US)


Dell (US)

Equinix (US)

Google (US)

Scaleway (Paris)

OVHcloud (France)

Limestone (US)

BigStep (UK)

Zenlayer (US)

Phoenixnap (US)

Alibaba Cloud (China)

Joyent (US)


Microsoft (US)

Lightedge (US)


What are the drivers for Bare Metal Clouds market?

The key driving factors of the market is the increased popularity of bare metal cloud, as the end-users are moving towards OpEx.

Which is the leading end-user segment for Bare Metal Clouds market?

BFSI has accounted the major market share, and is expected to witness the growth at highest pace during the forecast period.

Which region is gaining majority of market share during the forecast period (2022-2028)?

North America is expected to gain major market share during the forecast period (2022-2028).