Asia-Pacific Air Hammer Market Report

Asia-Pacific Air Hammer Market Report, Function (Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic), Distribution Channel (Direct and Indirect), Speed (Lower BPM and Higher BPM), Type (Rotary, Forging and Chipping), Application and Country - Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 11497 | Publish Date : August 2021 | Industry : Machinery_Equipment | Geography : APAC


An air hammer is the pneumatic tool that uses pressurized air to drive a hammer head back and forth several thousand times a second. These are the power tools that use compressed air to drive a cyclic percussion mechanism due to which the repeated percussion force of this mechanism is transferred to a drill or chisel tool bit. These hammers are known to be very fast, and the power output of these hammers in stable and smooth, also they are widely preferred in the industries like, in heavy construction, mining, and geological exploration owing to their ability of quickly chip, shovel, cut metal, and welding slag. The market has been majorly driven by the growth in the manufacturing sector of countries like India and China, also growing industries like construction and automotive industries are helping the market share to expand further.


The air hammer market is driven by growth in manufacturing sector across the Asia-Pacific region, where these hammers are widely demanded in the countries like China, Japan and India. India has been reported as the 2nd most preferable manufacturing spot by the Cushman & Wakefield’s 2021 Global Manufacturing Risk Index. Moreover, owing to the technological advancements and skilled labour force the manufacturing sector is growing at a rapid pace in China as well. Thus, wide use of air hammers in manufacturing sector owing to its cost effectiveness, less-maintenance, dependency, etc. is driving the market for air hammers.


The market is expected to have new growth opportunity with increased investment in research and development activities to develop new and innovative techniques in various industries like automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, etc. so that these industries can grow rapidly which is creating a huge opportunity for the air hammer market to grow at faster rate. For instance, according to a report issued by Invest India, India accounts for 40% of total $31 billion of global engineering and R&D spend and 8% of the country’s R&D expenditure is in the automotive sector.


The market for air hammer market is growing at a rapid pace, but still the key reason which hampers the growth of this market is the ongoing trade war between US and China. The US administration enacted new tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and China responded with tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. products, tools and household hardware, including air hammers, which has hampered the growth of market. 


The Covid-19 pandemic hampered the growth of market to major extent which has created a major challenges for the market growth. Also, during COVID pandemic, the supply chain got majorly disrupted which adversely affected the major industries like construction, manufacturing etc. and created a great challenge for the market for the air hammer market to grow further. However, recently, as the lockdown has been lifted up in almost every part of the Asia-Pacific region and regulatory bodies across the world are actively focusing upon getting their economies back to track, it is expected that the market would grow further in coming years. 


The report provides in-depth analysis of Asia-Pacific Air Hammer market, market size, and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the forecast period of 2022-2028, considering 2021 as the base year. The demand for air hammer is increasing as there has been growth in the manufacturing sector, which has the great utility of air hammer and the market is expected to witness the growth at a specific CAGR from 2022-2028. 



The Air Hammer market comprises of different market segment like function, distribution channel, speed, type, application and country. 


By function, the Air Hammer market includes key segments 

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully Automatic 

Fully automatic air hammer function is expected to dominate the market over the forecast period. The key reason which is driving the market for fully automated air hammer is the less time consumption required for hammering, also skilled labour is not required to use it and hence it easy to operate. Moreover, it can be transported easily from one place to another since dismantling and assembling is simple, thus they are highly popular in the market. 


The Air Hammer market on the basis of distribution channel is consisting of

  • Direct Sales 
  • Indirect Sales 

Indirect sales hold the major share in the market, since this channel include brick and mortar stores for buying pneumatic tools or heavy machineries. Also, customers usually prefer to buy from a brick-and-mortar store as consumers have specific preferences in these tools like air pressure, piston stroke, stoke speed and air inlet which is driving the market. On the another hand, as there is rise in internet use, it provides a great option for the consumer to buy heavy machinery equipment’s through the internet and customers are becoming more inclined to purchase their machinery and equipment’s online helping in the growth of direct sales segment. 


The Air Hammer market on the basis of speed includes  

  • Lower BPM 
  • Higher BPM 

Lower BPM is expected to find increasing demand in the market over the forecast period. Since, a lower BPM air hammer is used for cutting heavy exhaust work, riveting, and bushing driving and bolt shearing. It is basically used for day-to-day operation and are used in garages and repair shops for maintenance of vehicles and machines, which is driving the market for lower BPM. Also, use of higher BPM in construction industry to make holes in concrete to electrical panel is driving the market for higher BPM segment. 


The Asia-Pacific Air Hammer market on the basis of type is studied for the following segments

  • Rotary Air Hammer 
  • Forging Air Hammer 
  • Chipping Air Hammer

For air hammer market on the basis of type, chipping air hammer type is holding the lion’s share, since chipping hammer is a light, well-balanced tool ideal for surface dressing. Moreover, these are the top choice for light demolition work - including concrete and masonry removal –which requires a hard-hitting, well balanced tool. Pneumatic chipping hammers contain an air-operated piston that delivers successive blows to a chisel or forming tool at the end of the hammer and creating the demand for chipping air hammer. Apart from that, forging air hammer also hold significant share in the market. 


The Asia-Pacific air hammer market is studied for the following applications,

  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications

For air hammer market, construction application is considered to be the major market, since construction industry is growing rapidly especially in developing countries such as India and China which are seeing infrastructure growth and there is movement of people from rural area to urban areas for work so the demand for housing is growing tremendously, and driving the demand for construction industry. Also, growing manufacturing industry across the region occupies an important share in the market. 


The Air Hammer market is studied for the following countries

  • India 
  • China 
  • Japan
  • Rest of the Asia-Pacific 

For air hammer market on the basis of country, the market has been dominated by the Asia-Pacific region. The market in Asia-Pacific is propelling the growth due to factors like rapid industrialization. Besides, massive growth of automobile industry and emerging construction industry, growing urbanization across countries in this region is expected to boost the air hammer market. Moreover, countries like China and India have been emerged as major manufacturing countries across the region, creating the demand for air hammers.  


Axiom MRC provides a 360 degree analysis of micro and macro-economic factors on the   Air Hammer market, also this report includes COVID-19 impact analysis report. Also, analysis of changes on the   air hammer market expenditure, economic and international policies on supply and demand side. The report also studies the impact of pandemic on   economies, international trade, business investments, GDP and marketing strategies of key players present in the market. Asia-Pacific is considered to be the most affected region from the Covid-19 virus, since it has been originated from China and owing to its rapid spread in countries like China and India has impacted many of the industries including automobile, textile, aerospace & defence, mining, chemicals, manufacturing, mining, and many more. For instance, according to an article issued by the Forbes, the sales of newly constructed houses in Shanghai decreased by 56% from February to early March 2020. Moreover, According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the sector registered negative growth in sales of all vehicle categories in FY21 (2.24% decline in sales of passenger vehicles, 13.19% fall in sales of two-wheelers, 20.77% fall in sales of commercial vehicles).  Thus, a sharp decline in the industries like automotive, construction, etc. restricted the growth of air hammer market. However, during this period, telecommunication industry witnessed significant growth in the region, which help the market to grow at a steady rate. 


The competitive landscape analysis of air hammer market is majorly focused on expanding the growth of air hammer with new product innovation, business expansion, increasing presence of range of manufacturer operating in air hammer market has led the growing demand for the market.  Besides, the market offers range of products in different application to fulfil the required demand of consumer which is further contributing healthy growth in the market.   

The key players studied in market are 

  • Robert Bosch (Germany)
  • Trow and Holden (United States)
  • Ingersoll Rand Inc (United States)
  • Atlas Copco (Sweden)
  • Unior (Slovenia)
  • Chicago Pneumatic (United States)
  • Metabo (Germany)
  • Dewalt (United States)
  • Makita Corporation (Japan)
  • AIRCAT Pneumatic Tools (United States)
  • BBG Baugeräte GmbH(Austria)
  • Elliott tool technologies (United States) 
  • NPK Construction Equipment (United States)
  • OLI SPA (Italy)
  • TML Technik GmbH (Germany)


May 2021: The INROCK who is a leader in HDD performance drilling tools launched the new XTH air hammer which is designed for drilling with high rate of penetration and low air consumption in low fuel and without compromising with speed or power. The new XTH air hammer helps the clients of INROCK for rising their productivity by faster and effective drilling. It is primarily designed for providing drillers everything they require for getting their job done.


The Air Hummer Market is segmented into function, distribution channel, type, application and country. On the basis of Function, the market has been segmented into semi-automatic and fully-automatic functions. Based on the type, the market is studied for Rotary Air Hammer, Forging Air Hammer and Chipping Air Hammer. Direct Sales and Indirect Sales are the distribution channel covered in the market. The major application of the air hummer market include Automobile, Textile, Aerospace & Defence, Mining, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Electronics, and Telecommunications. Moreover, on the basis of speed, the market has been split into Lower BPM and Higher BPM. The market has been studied for countries like China, India, Japan and Rest of Asia-Pacific region. The market has been driven by growth in construction activities in the region and growing telecommunication industry is likely to help the market to grow further.


Market Sizing for Year:
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Market Players and its Competitors:

Robert Bosch

Trow and Holden

Ingersoll Rand Inc.

Atlas Copco


Chicago Pneumatic



Makita Corporation

AIRCAT Pneumatic Tools

BBG Baugeräte GmbH

Elliott tool technologies 

NPK Construction Equipment


TML Technik GmbH 


What are the drivers for Air Hammer market?

The key driving factors of the market are in growth is the growth of manufacturing industry in the developing countries.

Which is the leading application segment for Air Hammer market?

Construction application has accounted the major market share, and is expected to witness the growth at highest pace during the forecast period.

Which region is gaining majority of market share during the forecast period (2022-2028)?

China is expected to gain major market share during the forecast period (2022-2028).