Micro Irrigation Systems Market Research Report

Micro Irrigation Systems Market Research Report, By Type (Drip & Micro Sprinkler), Component (Drip emitters, Irrigation Valves, Polyethylene Tubing, Filters, Sprinklers), Crop Type (Orchard Crops & Vineyards, Field Crops, Plantation Crops and Other Crops), End User and Geography – Global Market Share,Trend Analysis and Forecast , 2019 - 2028

Report Code : 1187 | Publish Date : Mar, 2017 | Industry : Agriculture | Geography : Global

Micro irrigation is defined as the frequent application of small quantities of water directly above and below the soil surface to plant root zone; usually as discrete drops, continuous drops or tiny streams through emitters placed along a water delivery line. It is a family of irrigation systems consisting of two major types namely, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation and is being majorly used in agricultural practices for precise water application.

Micro irrigation Market Outlook

Micro irrigation has become one of the prime irrigation systems due to multiple advantages offered by both drip irrigation systems as well as micro sprinkler irrigation systems. The key advantages of micro irrigation are optimized performance, cost effective and low maintenance systems. Also micro irrigation systems are majorly used to save unnecessary usage of water, energy as well as fertilizers thus avoiding the wastage and increasing the crop yield. Through sprinkler and drip irrigation, only adequate amount of water is provided to the plants frequently but in measured intervals thus giving sufficient water for plant growth. Along with this, micro irrigation is extremely useful in countries where agriculture is highly dependent on rainfall. Micro irrigation techniques save crop damage due to uncertainty of rainfall and thus maintain the production yield.


Micro Irrigation Market Segmental Overview

Segmental The global micro irrigation market is mainly segmented on the basis of its Type, Components, Crop Type, End Users and by Region. The types of micro irrigation covered in the report are drip irrigation, micro sprinkler irrigation. The market for drip irrigation is the highest among the types of micro irrigation. Drip irrigation is considered to be the best type of irrigation method for various crop types. It is highly used in orchard crops and vineyards where applying water only to the roots is sufficient to grow the plants. The major components used in the micro irrigation are as drip emitters, irrigation valves, polyethylene tubing, filters, micro spry/sprinklers.  These components are a necessity in any micro irrigation system used either on an industrial basis or on small scale farms. These components help function the micro irrigation systems to avoid water wastage, clogging and related problems. There are various sizes of every component. By crop type, the market is studied for orchard crops & vineyards, field crops, plantation crops and other crops.  The use of micro irrigation systems for orchard crops, vineyards and plantation crops is rising rapidly due to increasing awareness about the advantages of micro irrigation systems, increasing market for green house vegetables and fruits and identification of easy and apt methods of water irrigation for vineyards. The major end users of micro irrigation system are industrial users, farmers and others. The market for industrial users leads the global micro irrigation market. It is followed by the farmers and then others which include cultivators on a very small scale and household users of micro irrigation systems. The trend of using micro irrigation methods in increasing rapidly. The report includes market size estimation for the regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Increasing demand for micro irrigation systems from countries in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East is expected to trigger the global market growth of micro irrigation. Advancement in technology, emergence of new players from Europe, Asia-Pacific and already existing big players in North America will boost the promotion and usage of micro irrigation techniques all over the world.

Micro irrigation Market Players

Key companies which lead the micro irrigation market are Driptech Incorporated, EPC Industries Limited, Hunter Industries Incorporated, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Lindsay Corporation, Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Netafim Limited, Irritec, Rain Bird Corporation, Rivulis Irrigation, T-L Irrigation Company, The Toro Company and Valmont Industries Inc.

Use of micro irrigation products is increasing to a great extent in the developed countries of Americas as well as Europe. Countries in Asia-Pacific are also now adopting micro irrigation systems on a large scale. The usage of these systems is high in draught areas of Asia-Pacific. It is increasingly becoming an alternative to rainfall based agriculture due to high uncertainty of rainfall. The global micro irrigation market is segmented into its types which are sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation; by components which include emitters, irrigation valves, polyethylene tubing, filters and micro sprays. The market is studied for orchard crops & vineyards, field crops, plantation crops and others. The end users considered in the market are industrial users, farmers and others. The market is studied for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa. The leading players in this industry include Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (India), Lindsay Corporation (U.S.), The Toro Company (U.S.), Driptech Incorporated (India), Hunter Industries Incorporated (U.S.), Nelson Irrigation Corporation (U.S.), Netafim Limited (Israel), Rain Bird Corporation (U.S.), Rivulis Irrigation (Israel), Irritec S.P.A (Italy), T-L Irrigation Company (U.S.), Valmont Industries (U.S.) among others.

Why to Buy Micro Irrigation Market Report

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