Copper oxychloride Market Share, Trend – Industry Analysis Report

Copper oxychloride Market Report, By Application (Fungicide, Colorants and Pigments, Commercial Feed Supplement) and Geography - Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

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Copper oxychloride is the common name for basic cupric chloride having the chemical formula 3Cu(OH) 2. Cucl2. Copper oxychloride is usually manufactured either by the action of hydrochloric acid on copper metal or by the air oxidation of cuprous chloride suspensions.The main application of this chemical is as a protective fungicide in many crops such as tea, coffee, orange, cotton, grape, rubber and cardamom. Fruits & vegetable crops are the main fungicides consumers. Copper compounds form a protective barrier on the plant surface and thereby prevent fungi from entering the plant host. Various generic and specific fungicides are developed to find applications in fruits and vegetable crops. Furthermore, It is also used in commercial feed supplements, as copper is the important minerals, which are essential elements in various enzymes that support metabolic functions in most organisms. These are used in pyrotechnics to make blue color.  Copper oxychloride is used to manufacture colorants and pigments for ceramics and glass. As a coloring agent, it is used in wall paintings, illuminations and manuscripts.

Copper Oxychloride Market Outlook

The growth of copper oxychloride market is fuelled by growing population and increasing demand for fruits and vegetables. Over the last century, the global population has quadrupled. This growth, along with rising incomes in developing countries are driving the growth of copper oxychloride as it is most widely used fungicide. Copper oxychloride is used widely as fungicide on several crops, including rubber, orange, coffee, tea, cardamom, and cotton. In addition, it is also used for a large number of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, advancements in technology and the development are the factors expected to contribute towards the development of the market in the near future. In addition, the rising number of applications of copper oxychloride in several industries is estimated to encourage the growth of the overall market throughout the forecast period. On the flip side, the lack of awareness among farmers regarding the availability different types of fungicides, especially in developing economies and the easy availability of substitute products is likely to restrict the growth of the overall market.  Nonetheless, the favorable government initiatives are likely to offer promising growth opportunities for market players.


Copper Oxychloride Market Segmental Overview

The report analyses the Copper oxychloride market on the basis of Application and Geography. 

Copper oxychloride Market by Application

Copper oxycholride market by application is categorised into Fungicide, Colorants and Pigments, Commercial Feed Supplement and Others (Reagent, Catalyst, etc.) Copper is an essential mineral and is vital for the growth of animals and humans during the formative years of life. Hence, copper oxychloride is used in feed supplements in order to pack a balanced diet for the consumers.  Copper oxychloride is used to manufacture colorants and pigments for ceramics and glass. As a coloring agent, it is used in wall paintings, illuminations and manuscripts. The demand of copper oxychloride in fungicide application is expected to touch new heights over the coming years. Fungicides are important for the growth and development of several fruits and vegetables, and copper oxychloride can act as a fungicide in this regard. Factors such as the increasing use of copper oxychloride in agricultural fungicides due to a less soluble chemicals, high efficiency will contribute to the growth of the copper oxychloride fungicide market in the coming years. 

Copper oxychloride Market by Geography 

Based on geographical region, the global copper oxychloride market is segmented into North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World (RoW). From a geographical point of view, the North America market for copper oxychloride is expected to lead the global market and register a significant growth in the coming years. Increasing food demand in the U.S. leads to substantial contribution from the U.S. It is one of the key factors predicted to boost the demand of copper oxychloride for use for crop production. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is likely to experience a strong growth in the coming years. The robust rate of industrialization, improving food habits, and the rising demand for fruits and vegetables, the prominence of the agricultural sector, the governments are making prolific efforts to fortify the agricultural sector by offering grants and subsidies to the agriculturists are estimated to supplement then growth of the market in this region.

Copper oxychloride Market Key Players

The copper oxychloride market consists of key market players holding a major portion of this market. Some of the leaders driving the Global Copper Oxychloride Market includes Biota Agro Solutions Private Limited, IQV, Isagro S.p.A., Killicks Pharma, Manica S.p.A. Albaugh LLC, Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, Killicks Pharma, Syngenta International AG, Vimal Crop Care Pvt. Ltd.  The key vendors are looking at expanding geographically, mainly in developing regions.

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