Sports Analytics Market Report, Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast

Sports Analytics Market Report, By Type (Services and Solutions), Deployment (Cloud and On-Premise), Application (Competitor Analysis, Health Assessment, Business Analysis, Social Media Analysis, Video Analysis), Sports Type (Football, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball) and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Europe) - Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast , 2019 - 2028

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Sports Analytics is a wide range that essentially covers on and off field generation, and how to pick up an edge. It helps mentors by measuring competitor’s tendencies and helps by getting a total report on a player on and off the field, and in addition how they fit with different players on the team. It additionally helps in the making of the playbook, by judging the qualities and shortcomings of a player, and how it can correspond to better production.

Sports Analytics Market Outlook

With the development and the shift in the sports industry toward a more business and IT oriented approach, the selection of sports analytics has expanded. Sports analytics offer devices to evaluate player wellness and team execution, competitive analysis, and business and social media analytics. It has prompted the improvement of modern structures for doing the math to foresee results, win-loss records, and rival history, to decide the result of a future sporting occasion. The market for sports analytics in football is expected to hold a significant share offer, inferable from an expanding participation for football leagues, such as, UEFA Champions league, MSL, EPL, ISL and developing fan-base, media and sports engagement. Numerous world class clubs see investigation as football's next boondocks. The developing markets in Asia-Pacific are required to contribute extraordinarily to the investigation in the football for up and coming associations, like, Indian Super League (ISL), Australian Football League and the Chinese super league. With everything taken into account, the rising aggressive nature, requirement for enhanced decision making to pick up an edge over their rivals, requirement for system execution for matches and additionally ticket inventory and social media impact are relied upon to support the reception of analytics in these sectors.

Sports Analytics Market Segmental Overview

The sports analytics market is segmented globally, based on type, deployment, application, sports type and geography. 

Sports Analytics Market by Type 

Based on type, the market is classified into services and solutions. Sports analytics solution includes team analysis and player analysis. It gives player, mentors, management authorities with required and basic insights, which will assist them with improving their performances, game strategy and skills. Productive sports analytics helps athletes and sports association to gain competitive edge to assist them to detail effective strategies, arranging and enhance decision making. Whereas services include optimizing the most favourable match calendar with the help of Game Scheduling Analytics, organizing the most optimal fan and stadium experience with Fan & Stadium Analytics, providing database containing financial, operational and social media information. 

Sports Analytics Market by Deployment 

Based on deployment, this market is classified into cloud deployment and on-premise deployment. Earlier, data used to be collected from multiple sources and then analysed by hand, so providing feedback on training sessions took hours or even days. Now a mobile app connected to the cloud changes all that, syncing in real time with sensors on the bikes and riders. So, for example, if an athlete spends unnecessary energy, he can take it down a notch to make an instant impact on his performance. Coaches can identify and address areas of weakness in a timely manner, which is especially important when gearing up for a big race. The NFL recently announced it would use sensors to collect and analyse in-game data during the season. Custom chips inserted into the footballs used for field goals will be used to collect data on kicks — research that will have an impact on changes in officiating, specifically regarding narrowing the goalposts down the road. This is on top of the sensors NFL players are already wearing to track position, speed, distance and more. In addition to allowing athletes to train smarter and make marginal improvements that are game-changers to performance, access to data can also be a major benefit to the fan experience. Cloud and analytics technology have exciting potential for the fan experience, including the streaming of real-time data. Virtual reality is also gaining traction. 

Sports Analytics Market by Applications 

Based on applications, the global sports analytics market is categorised into competitor analysis, health assessment, business analysis, social media analysis, video analysis and others. The main applications of analytics from the business point of view in sports are: Analytics for ticket pricing, Fan analytics - Fan engagement and Sentiment analysis. Ticket pricing is one area where sports teams’ management can improve their revenues by applying analytics. One of the most common approaches in analytical ticket pricing is Variable Pricing. It is a practice of charging different prices for the same seat depending upon the game. These prices are decided before the start of the tournament and they remain static throughout the tournament. Fan Analytics including Engagement and Sentiment Analysis helps the team in connecting with the loyal fan base. Loyal customers are the ones who stick with the franchise even when the going is tough. So, authorities would do whatever they can to retain them by offering promotions or by treating them specially. The teams are now engaging their fans by providing personalized experiences in the form of personalized web content by evaluating fans past history. Competitor analysis is another major application of sports analytics. Popularly coined as Intelligent Analysis, Competitor analysis is nothing new in the field of sports. The management has been trying to decode the opponent for decades to get a cutting edge. With the evolution of analytics, the sheets of paper have been replaced by tools which do the number crunching and give the desired results within no time. 

Sports Analytics Market by Sports Type 

Based on various sports, the global sports analytics market is categorised into Football, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball and others. Football is expected to be one of the prominent users of sports analytics solution. Various top league clubs see analytics as football's next wilderness. The developing markets in Asia-Pacific are relied upon to contribute significantly to the analytics in the football for leagues such as, Indian Super League (ISL), Australian Football League and the Chinese Super League. 

Sports Analytics Market by Geography 

Geographically, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. North America has the most noteworthy incorporation of sports analytics system, attributable to higher incomes related with the sports industry in the locale. Their utilization is likewise determined by the way that the teams in the area are high value organisations, with immense ventures. This expects them to have a controlled business tasks in light of hearty knowledge, which is given by the sports analytics system. The North American market to a great extent is matured in the sports analytics market. However, the market is required to witness development for the forecast period, because of the expanding incorporation of innovation and low infiltration in specific sports. In North America, most of the groups in Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association are utilizing these frameworks, and there remains a considerable market to be tapped in different games, for example, the national football and hockey leagues. The competition foe user attention among different games is pushing distinctive games associations to join innovation that has propelled features includes and incorporate fan engagement system, creating a need for the sports analytics market.

Sports Analytics Market Key Players

Some of the major players operating in the Sports analytics market include IBM Corp, SAP SE, SAS, Tableau Software, Oracle Corp, STATS LLC, TruMedia Networks, Sportingmindz Technology Pvt Ltd, KPMG, SportsRadar, Catapult Sports, Deltatre, Synergy Sports Technology, HCL technologies etc. For instance, Manchester United has announced HCL as their Digital Transformation Partner. HCL works towards changing the way fans experience and interact with Manchester United. HCL creates a state-of-the-art United Xperience Lab housed within the iconic Old Trafford stadium. Analytics has made a great impact in this deal as Manchester United realized through extensive predictive analysis that they lacked Fan Engagement at the stadium and on the digital platform and hence steps were needed to be taken to improve monetization of their consumer engagement. Thus, Manchester United chose the right partner in HCL to transform the experience of the Club’s 659 million global followers.

The sports analytics market is sectioned based on type, deployment, application and geography. By type, the sports analytics market can be classified into services and solutions. By deployment, the global sports analytics market is segmented into cloud deployment and on-premise deployment. Smart technology has helped to increase the baselines and has made people better innovators and enactors of change. Besides providing the opportunity to go beyond old performance barriers, it’s opened up an entirely new way to experience the world. Sensors and wearables connected to the cloud are providing instantaneous access to data and analysis, providing meaningful insights that can be used to improve performance. Unstructured data can now become a driver for unmatched success. Based on applications, the market is sectioned into competitor analysis, player analysis, team performance analysis, health assessment, business analysis, video analysis and others. Competitor analysis is major application of sports analytics. Prevalently known as Intelligent Analysis, Competitor analysis is just the same old thing new in the field of games. The administration has been endeavouring to unravel the rival for quite a long time to get a front line. With the advancement of analysis, the sheets of paper have been supplanted by instruments which do the calculating and give the coveted outcomes inside no time. Based on type of sports, the global sports analytics market is classified into Football, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball and others. Amongst these, Football is expected to have a major share in the sports analytics market over the forecast period. Geographically, the global sports analytics market is portioned into APAC, North America, Europe and Rest of the World. The strong financials of various sports organization and high technological adoption trends in the European and the North American region has led to the growth of sports analytics market. Asia-Pacific is expected to be a promising market for sports analytics due to increasing inclination towards sports and it offers good growth opportunity for various sports analytics vendors. 

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